International Pioneer Club Pioneerism


‘One who is born is destined to die one day’-- the famed saying of the Hindu scripture Gita, was taught, though, to Arjun by Lord Krishna with a view to inspiring him to perform his duty of fighting out the battle, the teaching is a universal truth and it is a message which inspires the world to be dynamic in its action. This inspiration proved true on 11 Aug,, 1969 when a man stepped on surface of the moon for the first time in the history. The same day another important event took place i.e. founding of the ‘International Pioneers’ in Ramnagar, a small township situated at the foot of Kumoun hills in Nainital District.

This institution proved a milestone in the history of NGO not only in U.P., but throughout India and abroad with its highest aim of service to humanity,

International Pioneers is purely an Indian institution for social service. It was nurtured in the Indian soil and its buds bloomed according to the Indian culture, civilization, ethos and traditions. Its aims and objects are so lofty that the people are easily attracted towards it. This institution is committed to the service of people of weaker sections of the society, destitute, orphans and handicapped; the organization serves them earnestly. The aim of our institutions is to nurture socialism irrespective of caste, creed or religious discriminations.

International Pioneers has become a gigantic tree with so many branches that are busy in the service of humanity through various programmes from time to time. Our Programmes and Projects include helping the flood- victims and drought-hit people, help of handicapped from time to time in various programmes, and also running of the blood bank, oxygen bank, Home colonies, Rural libraries, Ambulance service, Model village development, besides symposia and debate competitions for the school and college students, All India Drama competitions, and many other social service projects in the service of humanity. We organize Blood donation camps, Free Eye camps, scholarship programmes and so many youth programmes also


The International Pioneers is also serving the humanity through making valuable contributions in the field of preserving the eco-system. Our programmes include preservation of ecology, eco-friendship, eco-system Bio-diversity with on effort of alluring mankind towards nature

This institution--International Pioneers-- is the result of tireless efforts and humanitarian concepts of Pioneer Santosh Kumar Mehrotra who is a versatile genius. Mr. Mehrotra is an ambitious, zealous, bold, fearless man of action. He always thinks of doing something novel in the service of humanity. In 1969, this institution honoured Mr. Lakhan Lal Mehrotra I.F.S. as its International Patron, who has always been a source of inspiration to all the Pioneers. He has guided the Pioneers and inspired them to devote themselves in the constructive works for the welfare of humanity.


As a matter of fact, social service is a kind of devotion commitment and a vow, and whoever takes it feels peace and consolation, and above all a sense of self- realization. A good organization, such as the International Pioneers, is the need of every progressive nation; this promotes the ideal of Universal Brotherhood or the entire world being One Family. Social service institutions like International Pioneers play an important role in making of the society. Service of humanity is not the work of a single man. Society cannot go ahead if there is no one to ameliorate and redress the pains of the society. A nation cannot make progress unless society does it. The organized and systematic social organization was needed and with this view.

International Pioneers come into being. Literal meaning of Pioneer is to lead, to guide to show the way. International Pioneers is the only social service club which will glorify the name of India in the world community by following the lofty ideals and doing such work as will lead to the building of national character. A Pioneer is a beginning with no end, which inspires the people to be leaders. It is a mission with the very Indian motto ‘The world family’ to mobilizes the whole humanity. This institution is committed to the unification of world culture. Though originated from a small township in the foothills of the Himalayas at ‘RAMNAGAR’, it has a vision of uniting the entire world into a family.

The name and the monogram of International Pioneers are registered with Registrar of Firms And Societies Indian Copy Right registration No. A-42955/83 and 1237/1971-72 and the magazine Pioneers chetna published by this institution is registered with Registrar Newspapers, India with registration No. 56806/83.

Chief Objects of International Pioneers
1- To create and foster international outlook and the feeling of fraternity among the Pioneers and others.
2- To develop the dormant potential and talent through different literary Cultural, Scientific fine arts and games and sports programmes among Pioneers and others.
3 To organize healthy competitions among pioneers and others to create mutual harmony and to encourage social reform.
4- To create, inculcate and develop the spirit of sacrifice and service among people for their mental moral and spiritual development.
5- To organize youth programmes.
6- To make man lover of nature by Eco- protection, Eco-friendship Eco-system, Bio-diversity and the preservation of Natural wealth.


The institution of International Pioneers is a beginning of positive revolution among the youth. Come, let us join the path of Pioneers and take a vow to some the suffering humanity strengthen national unity, world fraternity, and preserve and protect the Eco-System of India which is under siege by the so-called modernists, apologists of unbridled consumerism and industrialization.


Corn Flowers
These signify the prosperity and happiness of the world and the country. The Pioneers shall always extend their cooperation, and devote their time for the welfare works for the humanity.

The open book in the center is the symbol of Knowledge. The Pioneers shall themselves, acquire more and more knowledge of the world and always make effort of inculcating knowledge among the children and the youth as a means to achieve their welfare. They shall organize cultural and literary programmes for the enhancement of Knowledge

These signify a fast friendship and good wishes of men for men sans discrimination. The Pioneers’ motto the universe as the world family fits well. Pioneers aim at mutual love, brotherhood and harmony where the feelings of caste and creed, poor and rich, high and low black and white, foreign and indigenous, all these discriminations have no room. The entire human society is one composite family and we foster this ideal to achieve happiness and welfare for all in the world.

The Burning Torch
This signifies social and cultural revolution. This signifies courage, heroism and bravery. It is the symbol of sacrifice, zeal and action. The Pioneers shall enlighten all the four corners of the Earth with their knowledge. They shall always lead the society towards enlightenment. They shall also inspire the youth.

The Motto—the entire humanity being one big Family!
It is the sagging of Indian saints and pioneers shall bear it as their ideal. This motto shall fill in them the spirit of world family, harmony and fraternity.