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Keshav Prashad Shivharai

‘Pioneers International is a paragon of Indian Ideal of social service’

--His Holiness Swami Avadeshanand Giri,

“A number of social organizations operating in India owe their origin and allegiance to alien lands, yet the Pioneers International is the only social and charitable club that originated in India. This organization is ingrained with the lofty ideal to serve selflessly not only India, but the entire humanity.” Said His Holiness Swami Avadeshanand Giri praising Pioneers International, adding, “This club’s mind and heart both are steep in Indian values, culture, ethos and ideals, unlike the other clubs like the Lions Club, International Rotary Club, Rotract Club etc. those mimic the pop western culture, that is why these fail to strike a right chord of the Indian heart. Whereas the Pioneers International is able to express the Indian intellect, Indian mind, ethos, its very best philosophy and the quintessential ideals. This organization deserves praises for its great works in the service of the mankind. I pray to the Lord God, may this organization succeed in its glorious task of serving the entire mankind!”


‘Pioneerism is a storm to which even the biggest obstacle in the world cannot stop’

--Patron-Pioneer LL Mehtrotra

A lot of international level institutions today running in India owe their origin to the foreign countries. I am proud of the International Pioneers, an institution of international stature owing its origin to India that is my native land. International Pioneers is heading towards maturity with vasudhaiv kutumbkam--the whole world is a family-- as its ideal. I am proud of being the patron of such a glorious institution

It is an Indian institution devoted to selfless service. We enrol members in the organization from every walk of life irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or colour. These ideals are the life and blood of the club that provide vitality to its various activities and highlights its identity

Who is a Pioneer? Obviously, an ordinary man cannot become a Pioneer. A Pioneer is one who makes a new discovery, and history has made all such Pioneers immortals. Each member of the International Pioneers is like a stream anxious of joining the ocean who overcomes all the impediments in the process. In my heart, I think a Pioneer should be like a stream who should never stop due to obstacles. A Pioneer should rather sacrifice himself at the altar of truth

I, therefore, solicit a selfless devotion from all Pioneers in the field of service. Exhibition of status is always a vulgar thing and the people do not expect snobbery from the Pioneers who should devote themselves to the cause of discovering new and untrodden paths in the social development.

The Pioneers shall always encourage an ideal conduct, and root out corruption from public life, and cooperate in making India a casteless society where men will be treated on par with the other compatriots with love, harmony, love, loyalty, and passion. Only this can earn applause for us from the world nations and when we do this that day will be an auspicious day for you, me and all others in India. At that moment, the International Pioneers would stand up proudly, then, indeed the nation and entire humanity will be very proud of you !

Late. Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna.
lauding the club for its pioneering
works in human service
Late. Ramkumar Varma, famed Hindi
litterteur giving away sewing machine
to a poor women.
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