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Keshav Prashad Shivharai
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International Pioneers is making untiring efforts to serve humanity through its four sister organizations:
1. Pioneers club 3. Pioneers Women forum
2. Pioneers Youth Club 4. Pioneers Eco Care Organization (PECO)
  • Donate Rs.5000 to provide education to an unprivileged child.
  • Donate Rs.300 to provide shoes to a barefoot school-going child.
  • Donate Rs.500 to provide specs to a poor school-going child with weak eye-sight.
Our Bank Numbers: 
International Pioneers, Oriental Bank of Commerce Ramnagar - 12112011003699 
International Pioneers, Punjab National Bank, Ramnagar - 3880000100011022 
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International Pioneers Byelaws
» To create and faster International outlook and the feeling of fraternity among the pioneers and others.

» To develop the dormant potential and talent through different literary Culture, Scientific fine arts and games and sports programmes among pioneers and others.

» To organise healthy competitions among pioneers and others to create mutual harmony and to encourage social reform.

» To create inculcate and develop the spirit of sacrifice and service among people of their mental moral and spiritual development.

» To organize social welfare works with selfless, voluntary spirit.

» To make man lover of nature by Eco-protection, Eco-friendship, Eco-system, Bio-diversity and the preservation of natural wealth.

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